TT PVC sheet used in interior decoration of the building is completely new types of products in the world and in Vietnam.

Preferred location is super durable materials and has many outstanding features with traditional materials.

1. Reliability and stability are very high.
2. Not affected by environmental chemicals.
3. Waterproof.
4. Do not stretch the humid air.
5. No fire.
6. Sound insulation, insulation is very good.
7. The cost is very cheap.
8. styling, very easy color scheme with colors of the building.
9. Easy to install (stickers are many traditional glue or cement) wall decorations, columns decorate the background of the room.
10. Dimensions 2.9 x standard sheets 1200 x 2440mm. Thickness can be produced on demand ordering.











 UPVC Bar made doors and windows in Europe since 1956 as a solution as a perfect solution to overcome but the weaknesses of other materials such as iron, aluminum, wood, … From there so far, through the process of testing through practical use like in Europe, America, Asia, … that is proving popular Vietnamese: sustainable stability, sound insulation, insulation, fire protection, …

biaQUAN SON plastic bar – SQ Super Plastic is mixed with UPVC plastic additive technology 10 of the CHL Germany. MILITARY SON plastic bar quality tested in Germany, Hong Kong, … and in the center of the measurement date certified quality standards KV3 Japanese – JIS and qualified according to ISO 9001: 2000. Besides, the steel core inside to enhance the stability of the door and between the screw bar related accessories store. That, help sustainable plastic bar SonQuan more sustainable longer, certainly in use. SonQuan plastic bar was 12 years practical experience and 10-year warranty for manufacturing products SonQuan.


1. A yield limit -Mpa JIS K 7113: 1981 > 36,8 39,1
2. Elongation at break -% JIS K 7113: 1981 >100 150
3. Modules of elasticity when bending test -Mpa JIS K 7023: 1982 >1961 3.320
4. Impact resistance CHARPY -KJ/m2 JIS K 7111: 1984 >12,7 16,1
5. Softening temperature VICAT =oC JIS K 7206: 1991 >83 88
6. Thermal deformation(150 oC-0.5h) JIS K 6785: 1985 No delamination, blistering, cracking No delamination, blistering, cracking
7. As heat shrinkage (100 oC – 1h) -oC JIS K 6785: 1985 < 2,5 1,4
8. Resistance to fire JIS K 6911: 1979 Sample does not burn continuously Specimen stops burning when the fire source constantly exposed


PP plastic products (DANPLA sheets) are produced from polypropylene copolymer material is pure material standards of environmental hygiene, food safety is internationally recognized. Vietnam’s advantages barrels PP:

  • Insulation, moisture very well
  • Standards of environmental hygiene and food safety.
  • Recycling at least 10 times and can reach 40 times.
  • Printing is easy and highly artistic features should normally be fast billboards in stores, supermarkets …
  • Antistatic good.
  • Toughness, impact resistance over 26 times compared to traditional carton


PP sheet (DANPLA sheets) with 02 main uses:

  • Outsourcing Packaging (crates, barrels bulkhead, pallet)
  • Making billboards advertising fast

+ With packaging is a product DANPLA barrel high-tech alternative to paper carton to contain the high-end products to increase the value of goods due to non-absorbent insulation better country than carton.

+ However, with the initial investment cost of the barrel PP (danpla) but higher than carton of barrels worth using it many times higher PP carton because bin PP (danpla) can go for 10 to 40 times paper cartons also can turnaround from 2 to 5 times. Because of this, the use of barrels PP (danpla) for semi-finished products or the products of ancillary industries specialized in producing components and spare parts for transferring raw materials from the production unit to the assembled unit is necessary.

+ Currently, many of the components production units, spare parts for large companies of Japan, Korea … are using PP barrel (danpla) produced by the Company SonQuan as Canon Vietnam Co., the company YKK, Company Tokyorop, refrigeration Electronics Vietnam Co. Japan …

+ PP sheet production line of the company has a capacity SonQuan 90tan / month and closing lines with about 60,000thung barrels / month.

+ The company provides PP sheet SonQuan enough colors, sizes according to customer requirements, the size and width max = 1m5 plate thickness from 2mm to 6mm

+ Company SonQuan the sourcing supply PP plastic container design, designs, colors, and sizes of customers with high responsibility to ensure the quality, aesthetic and contractual delivery commitments. Products covered by each contract for each product with different features.

Thùng PP
2013-07-28-18.08thung-nhua-danpla-(2)image049635259820514337172thung-nhua-danpla-3image007635259816012949266 PAT015_Nap_thung_nhua2013-07-28-18.05danpla-nep-trangunnamed-10unnamed-14

Vách ngăn PP
06_Vachngan-Danpla-VD1van ngan05_Vachngan-Danpla-VD2thung_pp_va_khay_52fade97d8f4e08-Vachngan-Danpla-Cothanhkhoa-VK2unnamed-13

Tấm nhựa PP

Phụ Kiện PP
302_Cai_card_micar302_Goc_nhua302_Thanh_nep302_tay_sach_nhuaunnamed-12 unnamed-11


  • Is produced by the method of extrusion heat.
  • Manufacturing has a thickness between 1.220 x 2.440 0.8-6mm.Kich mm standard size.
  • Get produce color by size of customer requirements.


  • Replace the glass used in building construction especially public areas need the safety for the user. Eg windows, shower doors, …
  • Used in advertising.
  • Used in the manufacture of light boxes, lampshades, high-voltage, neon.
  • Surface paneled cabinets, shelves, kitchen jail.
  • Interior.

Popular points:

  • Low production costs, matching interior.
  • There are many varied color pattern.
  • Easy to bend and office outsourcing.
  • Safety, hygiene and food containers, and the environment.


  • Is produced by the method of extrusion heat.
  • Production from 0.5-6 mm thickness.
  • 1.220 x 2.440 Standard size mm.
  • Get produce color by size of customer requirements.


  • Until now this product is imported to Vietnam with finished on request. Therefore, they take up space in transport.
  • This time, Son Quan production ABS sheet production with a much reduced girl and fix occupied in transportation.
  • Plastic sheet allows vacuum to reduced cost.
  • ABS panels used in interior decoration.
  • ABS application sheet in the freezer, refrigerator, trays, …

Popular points:

  • Low production costs, matching interior.
  • There are many varied color pattern.
  • Easy to bend and office outsourcing.
  • Safety, hygiene and food containers, and the environment.

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